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Guided Workouts

Guided workouts with stroke rates and pace guides provided before and during your row. Tips to focus on technique during sessions too.


Most importantly, our videos are available at any time, free of charge through our YouTube channel.

No Music - for now

Why should we dictate what entertains you? The videos have no music so you can play your own alongside the video. (This is open to debate however - get in touch and let us know if you'd like this to change.)

No Cuts

In order to help you follow the instructor, there are no cuts during the workout. Only a side on view to help you focus on rowing with the same rhythm.


The workouts in the videos are led by a Dark Horse and Concept2 certified instructor who is also a World Record holding Concept 2 rower. The classes are motivational, tough and sweaty (yet manageable) and hopefully fun to do. On screen info and verbal cues are given throughout to make sure you stay on track.

Trusted Workouts

The bulk of the workouts are gratefully provided for free by Fitness Matters Indoor Rowing. If you like what you see here, check out their rowing plan

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Seriously, there's no catch here. We make them, you row them. If you want to help - leave some feedback on the videos or comment on Facebook / Twitter (using #pdprowing and #indoorrowing)

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Setting up for your row


Make sure what you're using to view the videos is somewhere that you can see it (and hear it) that doesn't get in the way or risk it being knocked off a table etc. If you're using headphones with a cable, be sure you won't pull on the Pc/Phone/Tablet


These should be set so that the strap covers the bottom lace on your shoe. This helps with flexibility when at the front of the stroke (the catch). Like everything, this is only guideance. Choose a position that is most comfortable. (Some people prefer to be higher when sprinting for example).

Drag Factor

Please don't set the lever on the side to 10 unless you have a filthy machine and know that you need to. Check out the video describing what drag factor is and how best to set it for your needs.


Set so it's comfortably at eye height. You don't want to crane up or slouch down to see it. Screen should show the /500m split time. As you are rowing along with the instructor, there is no need to programme the monitor. However, the session is described at the start of each video in case you wish to program it in.

Some examples of Our Classes

  • 4/3/2/1/2/3/4


  • 10 x 1min/30sec

    20 spm power session

  • 8 x 30sec/60sec x 2

    Race pace session

  • 4 x 8min /2rest

    Mid tempo builder

4/3/2/1/2/3/4 minutes

Rate and pace ladder
with 60sec rests between

Start at 2K+12 for 4 minutes at 22spm.
Then 3 minutes at 2k+9 / 24spm.
Followed by 2 minutes at 2K+5 at 26spm.
Then 1 minute at 2K pace and 28spm.
Go back down the ladder by doing this in reverse.

Cardio builder

Varied pace and rate

Control of the stroke

25min + 4mins warm up

Check it out

10 x 1min / 30sec rest at 20spm

Power session

Row 10 x 1minute on, 30 seconds off at 20spm. Pace guide is 2K+12 to start - go faster as you go through the session.


Constant rate with increasing speed

Stroke and technique focus

15min + 4mins warm up

Check it out

8 x 30sec / 60sec rest | repeat once

Controlled Sprint session

Row 30 seconds on, 60 seconds off 8 times. Take 2 minutes rest, then do it again. Each interval should be at around your 2K stroke rate, and your 1K pace - or faster.

HIIT workout

Fast stroke rate

Race pace exposure

24min + 4mins warm up

Check it out

4 x 8min / 2min rest

Mid tempo builder

Row 8 minutes at 22spm and 2K +15 four times, with 2 minutes rest between each

Constant pace, increased effort

Focus on technique

Intervals ease monotony

38min + 4mins warm up

Check it out

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What People Say

  • Clear and concise instruction, a workout that will equally serve those at every level

  • Just bought a concept 2 rower and used this video as my first workout.... it was awesome and I will back to use it again!

  • Nice presentation, works as intended for those who want full workout company.

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